Spent a beautiful day riding the side by side with my mom, hubby and grandson. We went for a ride at Vernon reservoir , played in the water and stopped by the Silver Sage for breakfast!


Me and my grandson Trigger found a nice little reservoir about an hour from home. Funny thing is … I never knew it was there. I’ve lived in Utah my entire life and this has been a well kept secret by the locals In Grantsville. I even had local fisherman tell me not to tell…


Thought I’d try something new…not how I visioned in my head!!! I first made a small peg board and wound yarn around pegs in no sort of pattern. Put the dye on and I let it sit in the warm sun for a while. Next gave it a steam bath hopefully to set the colors…


These cute little rocks will soon be hidden in my home town. Every year we celebrate Old West Days in Bluffdale. A fun activity for all. If you find one of the hidden rocks, you take it to the city office and claim a prize! Candy, event tickets and much more will be given away!…


While visiting some family in Arkansas my cousin Kristine introduced me to homegrown sprouts! Man they are delicious. You put seeds in this small planting container and in less than a week fresh sprouts. They taste great in salads, on sandwiches or just plain. Fresh homegrown is best!!


Have you ever met someone and instantly became friends? Me either until now! I’d like to tell you about my new friend, it seems like we have been friends for years! Lynn owns her own business, a fiber mill called Spinderellas, in Salt Lake City. We became instant friends after I dropped some fiber off to…


It has been such a fun and exciting week. I found out that I am going to be a Nana again. My daughter is having a baby girl and due in September. We had such a fun gender reveal party. I was the only one who knew the gender and had a blast planning this…


Every year my spinning guild does a fiber exchange. A theme is picked and participating members separate and dye a fiber of their choice to exchange with others. This years theme was BLUE! It is not my favorite color so I incorporated my favorite football team into my fiber exchange and dyed Wensleydale roving and…


I’m so happy how this beautiful yarn turned out! It is fresh from my little farm. Locks from my Wensleydale flock, dyed and core spun into beautiful squishy, lumpy bumpy yarn. The gray is Mohair, handspun from my angora goats! They are both soooo yummy!


Just another one of my many hobbies! Home brew beer!! This one is raspberry wheat, ready in 2 weeks! CHEERS!!! 🍻 🍻 My hubby putting on the finishing touch…caps!