My bees have been good to me this year! Tons of honey and this beautiful beeswax! It smells wonderful and has so many uses. Soap, roll ons, chapstick, candles and much more!


Nope not a car!! I love gardening and I love potatoes! I really have great luck when it comes to these little red ones! This is just one hill of red pontiacs. The golden ones are Yukon golds. They make fantastic French fries and I had equally as much when I finished digging! Makes a…


I am so excited about this new hobby of distilling oils and making hydrosols. My first attempt is with my own fresh lavender, picked right here on my own little farm. The water will steam the plant material carrying all the goodness from the plant into the tube and pass the coils. As the steam…


Man!! I love beets, but pickled beets are the best! Fresh from my garden. I love them with butter, salt and pepper. Then I mix the pickled juice with mayonnaise for the best tasting salad dressing. One step further I will save some of the beautiful red juice and dye some wool! Love my life!


OMG! I love these cute little flowers that are decorating the side of my she shed! They are made from left over corrugated metal from my sheep shed roofs. They are so happy looking and sure add to this large boring side of the shed! BEE HAPPY, life is good!


Oh man I love these little flowers! They are the first flowers out and the first food for our honey bees! Some people spray them to kill them off but I pick them and make dandelion salve! Great for sore muscles and joints. It also works to sooth and moisturize dry cracked skin!


Today is my dads 81st birthday! So sad that he is not here to celebrate with us! He died at the young age of 46 from cancer. I miss him every day, his big hands, large stature, gruff voice, and wise words will never be replaced! Today as I went outside and these poppies bloomed…


Oh man I love watching them! Can’t wait for the fresh honey! It is the best!!


Oh man! Can I just tell ya all how great my garden is doing this year! A few more weeks and I will have fresh peas, carrots and beets! The rest won’t be far behind. Life is good!


Creme Brûlée and Huckleberrry Vodka! What a way to end a perfect day!