My grandson picked out his very first sheep to raise and show in our county fair. It was suppose to be a market lamb…sold at the fair, in which he could earn some money to purchase an RC car, something that he has wanted for a very long time!! Buyers typically pay well over what the market is knowing that the money is going to youth involved in 4H. My grandson has taken such good care of his lamb, now named Blackhawk. He has fed, walked and taken very good care of his lamb always knowing that this lamb would go to auction, be sold and used for meat. Then it happened….Trigger came in to talk to me with tears in his eyes he said, “nana I don’t want Blackhawk to die, I love him and I want to give him a good life.” I told him how he knew this day would come and what he was really wanting was the RC car. With a quivering chin and tears now rolling, he said that he didn’t want his lamb to die! Pretty good for a 9 year old who knew what he was giving up! Some have criticized us for not making him follow through with the commitment to sale and some have just flat out teased him for loving a lamb. Whatever your thoughts, whatever your feelings, my grandson learned a very important lesson today as did I. It’s not always about the money! Oh and by the way….Trigger and Blackhawk took two first place ribbons, a purple ribbon for making it all the way to the star class and eventually finished 9th out of 54. Welcome BACK home Blackhawk. Proud Nana!!

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