I woke up this morning with such a funny feeling in my stomach. Not sick but just something strange, empty. That empty feeling that something is wrong or missing. My heart was beating harder and fast. I laid there trying to remember the dream I must’ve had that caused me to feel this way! I couldn’t remember a dream but it suddenly occurred to me that today was the day my dad died! I realized I had felt this same feeling as I laid next to him 32 years ago as he took his last breath! I cannot explain how much I loved my dad! He was such a great man! He was big in statue, his voice was deep! His love for his family was beyond what I can explain! He has missed so many things in our lives, I do however believe he watches and is with us at a distance! My life has never been the same since that day and I really don’t think I’ve ever gotten use to him being gone! Something is missing and something is empty without him here! Keep sending dimes dad! I love and miss you!

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