Take a look at this beautiful floor loom I was gifted! Yep you heard right, gifted! I have always wanted a floor loom but the cost has always kept me from actually purchasing one. I have woven several shawls on a triangle loom that my son built for me (he is the best) and although I love the triangle loom it does have some limitations. The floor loom allows you to weave yardage and produces beautiful woven fabric and rugs.                                                 A raddle is a tool useful in dressing the loom, however they are a bit pricey! 105.00 bucks to be exact.  My loom came with most everything I need to get weaving, except a raddle. I have the best husband/carpenter out there and the poor guy always ends up having to repair or build something for my lastest project!! He built two raddles both are 41 inch long and made with 1/2 and 1 inch spacing!! Would have cost me 210 plus shipping, his cost 11 bucks!  HES A KEEPER!!!

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