I’m so grateful this Thanksgiving for everything I have been blessed with. I have a beautiful healthy family, new grand baby, good health, food on the table and a roof over my head!! I am grateful for my mom who was able to spend a few days thru the holiday, but today I am most…


I love this cute little mat! I made it for Santa and his reindeer. I even made up the poem!


Wow!!! Life is great!! Welcome to this crazy family!! My beautiful granddaughter has finally made her entrance. She is beautiful, just like her momma CheyAnne. I am so grateful for her! So grateful she and my daughter are happy and healthy!! Happy Nana here.


I think these mini coffee and slushee keychains are just the cutest!! Made several today as gifts!


It was my son in laws birthday this past weekend so I made him a couple of homemade koozies to represent his favorite football team, the 49ers! We are huge COWBOY fans in my house so I had to make some of my team and favorite player! GO COWBOYS!!


I love canning and these peaches turned into the best tasting jam using my grandmas recipe. Thanks to my bestie for the peaches!


Well we had a little booth at Old West days and guess what???over a 150 rocks were painted. Fun times in Bluffdale! We really do rock!


Not really!! This is such a fun Old West Days tradition. Our local fire department uses fire suppressant foam to make the biggest foam pit you’ve ever seen. It is the starting day for our local town days! This is one of the favorite events! A very big thanks to the Bluffdale Fire Department and…


I recently took a class and learned about stain glass. I learned how to design, cut, and solder. I love my finished piece and I’m totally addicted! Working on my second project! Life is good!!


I love to make pie and the best part for me is the crust. The best pie crust is made from lard. It tastes great and makes it so flakey. Today I rendered my own pig fat and made my own lard. Fresh is always best and I can’t wait to make the best pie…