It has always been a favorite tradition in our home to make the coolest Valentines box. This year my grandson wanted a deer hunting stand. My daughter Tara, came up with the idea and purchased everything we needed. I think we nailed it!


I made these duck calls today on my lathe! I’m no Duck Dynasty but my little business is called That’s Fowl. I made these as birthday presents for my brother in law and nephew.


Looks yummy but it taste awful… that’s because it’s soap! I have been making soap for years. I usually just do traditional square bars but every once in awhile I like to make it in the shapes of cakes, pies and cupcakes! Life is good here!!


I have been making my own soap for nearly 20 years. It was out of necessity that I started. I HAVE THE WORST SKIN! My handmade soap has luxurious oils and butters and helps my dry skin! It’s great stuff!


I am a very lucky girl! Although my health has been an issue all year, I am extremely grateful for all the good things in my life! 2019 the year of the pig. A year of fortune and luck!!

Merry Christmas

It has been a wonderful Christmas! I have enjoyed having all my kids here, it’s so nice to have a full house. It was so fun to have my grandson here Christmas morning and watch him open his presents from Santa. I’m very grateful to my wonderful husband. He works so hard to give us…

100% PURE

Oh my!! I had no idea that you could make homemade vanilla. I started back in October, added some Madagascar vanilla beans to a bottle of Tito’s vodka and there you have it! Homemade 100% vanilla. Check out these darling little bottles with a homemade label!


I really dislike the cold, but I love these cute, warm Christmas quilts and afghan. I love quilting and crocheting among many other crafts. I just love to snuggle near the fire wrapped up in these cozy blankets. Oh and a cup of coffee! Life is good!!


I just love these handmade mittens! The blue ones are wool sheared from my own sheep dyed, spun and knit right here at FARM2YARN! They are so cozy and warm. The multi colored mitten is Corriedale wool. I purchased the roving, handspun and knit these squishy, soft mittens. I LOVE WARM HANDS.


I am having a great time making these cute little handmade Christmas cards. They are stitched by hand using thread and a needle. So simple but yet look so awesome! I love the simple things in life! ENJOY today!!