I really dislike the cold, but I love these cute, warm Christmas quilts and afghan. I love quilting and crocheting among many other crafts. I just love to snuggle near the fire wrapped up in these cozy blankets. Oh and a cup of coffee! Life is good!!


I just love these handmade mittens! The blue ones are wool sheared from my own sheep dyed, spun and knit right here at FARM2YARN! They are so cozy and warm. The multi colored mitten is Corriedale wool. I purchased the roving, handspun and knit these squishy, soft mittens. I LOVE WARM HANDS.


I am having a great time making these cute little handmade Christmas cards. They are stitched by hand using thread and a needle. So simple but yet look so awesome! I love the simple things in life! ENJOY today!!


I am so very grateful! I have been thru some major surgery this week. I have been so ill and felt so crappy for nearly 8 months! I am grateful for medical procedures, educated doctors, modern medicine, prayer, and mostly the love and support from my family and friends!! My husband has been my rock…


Today we are celebrating 31 years of marriage. It has been quite a ride and I’m happy to say we have made it thru, together! I made my wonderful husband an hour glass pen to represent the time we have been together and made it red for the color of our wedding. I loved him…


UTAH! We live in a beautiful place! Shhh, don’t tell anyone! Little Cottonwood Canyon lies within the Wasatch Mountains on the east side of the Salt Lake valley! Cold, snowy, and gorgeous this time of year! I enjoyed a beautiful ride with my favorite guy, my husband.


I have sooo much to be thankful for! Can you tell we are Cowboy fans? Happy Thanksgiving 2018


Don’t you just love the holidays!! This year I’m keeping it simple and making these cute little chapstick holders! They hold a small EOS chapstick and will make cute gifts for my neighbors and friends. I love the holidays!!


We are all “in line”! We do not know where our place is in line . We can not step out or move to the back. Friends, family or even yourself could be the very next in line. Hold tight to your loved ones and may they always know how much you love them. I…


Processed my honey today! Twelve cute jars and a block of beeswax. There is nothing better than honey fresh from my own hive! This block of wax will be melted down and used in my homemade soap, lip balm and other bath stuff I make! I also make cute little beehive candles with the wax!…